KMK Bi-directional Gearboxes convert the constant rotation of a plain shaft into reciprocating linear motion created by frictional connection between shaft and crowned ball bearings as running rings.
A free movement lever allows the free manuell movement of the gearbox.

Stroke length and pitch are variable.

A typical characteristic of KMK gears is the symmetrical power distribution to the running rings, causing a constant thrust, irrespective of the direktion.

KMK Linear Gearboxes are characterized by:

constant thrust irrespective of direction
high accuracy of the reversal points by ball-bearing switch mechanism
• short reversal time by using just one special reversal spring
unusual low wear of the running rings
backlash-free shaft guide
• adjustment of stroke speed and stroke length
• standard free movement lever (except LW151 and LW201)
low maintenance

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