Linear Bi-directional Gearbox

The requirements for mechanical systems have become more and more sophisticated. In competition with electronic wire spooling travers systems today an even higher level of precision and functionality is required.

Our Linear Bi-directional Gearboxes are a further development of the rolling ring drives and particularly suitable for simple, reliable and cost effective spooling traverse of wire, cable, textile fibers, etc., as well as for general drive technology.

The advantages of these favourable mechanical systems are easy installion, robustness, simple operation and low maintenance.

KMK Linear Bi-directional Gearboxes are delivered as single gears for integration into existing systems or as complete drives (with shaft, end brackets, guide bar and end-stops).

Classic wire spooling travers
Classic wire spooling travers


Complete Drives

with plain shaft (inductive hardened), brackets, guide bar and adjustable end-stops for setting of stroke width

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