KMK Autowinder

Self-adjusting optical traversing system with new sensor

Requirements of modern production processes

Many modern industrial processes of wire production require perfect flow properties of the wires from the transport and storage spools to ensure trouble-free further processing. The crucial decisions have already been made ​​for this when winding the wires. A straight and regular coiling is a characteristic of a high quality wound spool. To achieve this quality, conventional mechanical and computer-controlled winders need constant checks and readjustments with high time and personnel expenses, particularly in terms of different forms of coils and coil tolerances and problem areas of the spool flanges.

Milestone of the automated wire traversing

In cooperation with some users, whose quality requirements are difficult or not at all could be fulfilled with commercially available systems, KMK has developed an optical traversing system, which represents a milestone in automated wire winding. Thus KMK succeeded bringing the first laser sensor controlled wire traversing system onto the market which perceive, assess and adjust irregularities (eg on the spool flanges) during the winding process immediately, hurrying ahead.

Proven in practice

Based on many years of practical experience and continuous development, our Autowinder has reached a high development level and is used successfully in many areas of winding technology. Whether winder, rewinder or individual travesersing applications, our Autowinders are reliable, time- and personnel-saving and achieve high quality results. Especially highly sensitive fine and ultrafine wires can now be processed without problems, as well as different materials such as copper or steel wires etc.. All spool forms such as cylindrical spools, bi-conical spools with any flange angle and conical core, etc. can be wound.

Benefits of the Autowinder:

•    no personnel-consuming iterative adjustment process for adjusting and controlling
•    winding of cylindrical spools, biconical spools with different flange angles and conical core
•    no disturbing light arm with coil reversals
•    no restriction for winding and flange materials
•    higher quality with minimal staffing
•    simple handling
•    no further manual corrections of the reversal points of the flanges
•    easy communication with a PLC possible e.g. for spooler with automatic spool change

Product movie

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